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From the outside looking in, Odette County might seem like a place where not much happens, but what Chris Fink reminds the reader is that, while the landscape might be unremarkable, the people who live there are not. Much like the stories in this fine collection, they are complex, multicolored, and not to be overlooked.

The Los Angeles Review

Represents everything I love about great writing. Rooted in place, these stories are genuine and often heartbreaking. Fink is confident and cosmopolitan enough to range wherever he damn well pleases, and certainly far afield from the collection’s magnetic center—the American Midwest. The result is a collection rich with a diversity of voices, perspectives, and stories. This memorable, humorous, and poignant collection will stick with me for a long time.

Nickolas Butler

Farmers Almanac

A Work of Fiction

Emergency Press


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