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    Harry Lutz, auto dealer, home in Minooka visiting his aged and ailing father, was shopping for soap-on-a-rope. The clerk at this, his third stop, seemed to mock his search. He would find no such item in the summertime. Soap-on-a-rope was a Christmastime gift.

    Though it was none of the clerk’s business, Harry explained that the gift was for his father, who had been in a terrible accident. Early one morning, after his daily jog, Harry’s dad was standing at his mailbox checking the newspaper headlines when a hit-and-run driver plowed him down. He was badly broken and ruptured. Now, after six months, he was home from the hospital, and he could finally bathe himself. But, even with the shower seat, the soap gave him troubles. 

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    After she has utterly denuded it by removing all her furniture and every trace of her, move from the lovely cabin you shared together. The lovely cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains with views out over the redwoods to the sea is now haunted, and you can’t stay there. Understand that the rules you lived by are no longer true. The former first principle, time alone in the woods cures all distress, is now a falsehood. Understand that to survive this you’ll need new rules.

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